About Us

About Company

Gwaal & R’sweetery is a venture of K B Product.

Our team has understanding of the industry, customer relationship and more effective sales & marketing experience.
Made with Love & High Quality

Choose the best for your family!

Gwaal & R’sweetery is a venture of K B Product, run by a team of young and dynamic professionals with a vision to provide high quality farm fresh milk and dairy products at your doorstep daily from our own farm.

Our Motto
Our main motto is to deliver Farm fresh milk and wholesome product.
Free Home Delivery
We deliver to your door step every morning.
Our Wish
We also wish to provide 100% pristine farm fresh milk and dairy products.
Our Moral
We treat our customers with respect and integrity.
Made with Love & Care

The place where our heart belongs!

Our farm is located away from the modern suburbs where our cows & buffaloes feel like home. It is 35kms ride to Vamaj from Ahmedabad and surrounded by lush green lands. The farm is fully equipped with finest international technology for feeding, milking and processing.

Free from Pollution
The surroundings of our farm that is free from the urban city pollution.
Green enviornment
We have different breeds of cows and buffalos that are well nourished in a healthy surrounding and lush green environment.
Freshness everywhere
Our farm keeps cows and buffaloes to stay fresh and salubrious.
Love & Care
We give their diet, their health the utmost priority at all times.
Made with Passion

The Power of of our Belief!

We take pride in delivering 100% pure cow & buffalo milk, which is collected and packaged by using the latest no human touch German technology. At Gwaal we highly believe in Customer Satisfaction, Nurturing animals, Ethical practices, timely & hassle free delivery, Abide by all applicable laws & regulations.